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Substance abuse or drug abuse

This is probably the worst problem anyone can ever have. When you try drugs, you think that it is not a big deal and you will be able to back off at any time. But when the things start to get serious, you realize that you are in a problem. The best way to treat this problem is to start with rehab immediately. This is not a joke, and it is not a problem. It is a serious problem! People who are smoking marijuana, for example, have better chances of getting clean than people who are on heroin. There are heavy and lighter drugs. The treatment is practically the same. You need to be away from drugs, and you need to cleanse your system and your mind. During the period of not using drugs, you will probably have a crisis which is not naïve as people usually think.

post2aIt all gets worse when you have a physical addiction. When you have a psychological addiction, you have smaller reactions to the crisis. You have a habit that certain drugs make you feel good and that is that. You will have some troubles getting clean, but it is not that hard. When you have a physical addiction, that’s when things get rough. Not only that you have to deal with psychological addiction, but you have to deal with the fact that your body has a habit of using that drug. This is a rough situation.

How to treat it?

The only thing you can do is to start your rehab and use the substance that is the safer option if you have a tough period of crisis.


Stay away from drugs and never use them! They can do tremendous damage to your body and even death.