Alcoholism is a disease or a condition that people put themselves into. We all know what can happen if you drink too much alcohol. Alcohol is healthy if you drink it in small amounts. For example, a glass of wine during lunch or a shot of brandy or any other drink in the morning on an empty stomach can be healthy. But only one little glass. As you can see, people who are alcoholics tend to drink a lot more alcohol than they should. Alcohol can be healthy for your blood and your blood vessels but when you use it too much, you can get sick, and you can turn into an alcoholic. The difference between a medicine and poison is in the dose. If you use the correct amount, it can cure you, but when you use it too much, it can kill you. As you can see, alcohol can be our ally, but it can also be our death.

post1aThe most important thing when you hear that someone is an alcoholic is to never jump to conclusions. You don’t know the situation, and of course, you don’t know what had happened to him. The only thing you can do is to be supportive and keep saying that he/she should go to rehab and try to quit. The goal is to show this person that alcoholism is a choice and that choice is a bad one. No one needs to be an alcoholic and no one should.

How to treat alcoholism?

The best way to treat it is to stop drinking it. But these people wouldn’t be here in the first place if they were able not to drink it. The next thing to do is go to rehab. There are all sorts of things and variations when going to rehab. They can find group therapies; they can find individual therapies and many other things. post1bThe best thing to do is to always trust in yourself and always solve the problem with the natural method. When in rehab, it is best to be in nature as much as you can. It will help.


If you know someone who needs help with this condition, always make sure that you are giving them a lot of support. After that, make sure that you go to the rehab center with them. Your support means a lot to them. They need to face the fact that they have a problem and admit it. The next step is the treatment.

Bob Davis